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…The Mexican Navy’s Organic Law is base on Fraction VI, Constitutional Article 89, which identifies its mission:

……The Mexican Navy is a national military permanent institution, whose mission is to employ the Federation’s naval power for external defense and contribute to the nation’s internal security. 

....... The Mexican Navy’s attributions are:

I. To organize, train, make ready, equip and operate its forces in order to fulfill its mission and exercise its functions;

II. To cooperate to maintain Mexico’s constitutional order;

III. To take actions aimed at guarding our sovereignty and defending  the nation’s integrity within the  territorial sea, maritime land zone, islands, insular shelves, keys, reefs, inner waters, rivers in their navigable segments, economic exclusive zone, the corresponding airspace, and the continental platform;

IV. To protect maritime, fluvial and lacustrian traffic within federal jurisdiction or where the Supreme Command orders to. And to establish, through agreements and in coordination with other institution, control areas and their corresponding airspace;

V. Safeguard human life at sea and in interior waters or where the high command orders to, through search and rescue operations;

VI. To protect critical facilities within the navy’s jurisdiction or where the High Command orders to;

VII. To assist the population in cases and zones of disaster and danger, applying institutional civil protection plans in coordination with other authorities;

VIII. To protect national maritime, fluvial, and lacustrian resources;

IX. To warrant  the fulfillment of rule of law within Mexican maritime zones by itself or in coordination with other authorities in order to fight  terrorism, smuggling, piracy, illegal traffic of people, weapons trafficking, and drug trafficking  in terms of the applicable legislation;

X. To carry out oceanographic, meteorological, maritime resources, and biological activities, as well as scientific research, acting by self or in collaboration with other national or international institutions; 
XI. To participate, without interfering with the attributions of other national institutions, in the control of maritime pollution and surveillance and protection of the maritime environment, acting by self or in collaboration with other national and international institutions;

XII. To foster and participate with civil authorities in socio-cultural and civic activities in issues associated with maritime environment;

XIII. To carry out topographic survey in national waters and coasts, publish nautical mapping, and all necessary information for safe navigation. To participate and foster any activity associated with the national maritime development;

XIV. Administrate and foster naval education within the country; and

XV. Others by applicable regulations or Supreme Command.

The presidential Agreement of September 8th, 1914 by President Manuel Ávila Camacho, determines Mexican Navy’s jurisdiction as:

…. A 10-kilometer wide strip from the average-tide line and the zones (five kilometers inland) between two parallel lines on both sides of navigable rivers

Today, the Mexican Navy carries out all its activities by itself or in coordination with other national and international government agencies. Beside, The Mexican Navy actively participates in the agreements, conventions and treaties it has signed, such as:  

The 1982 UN 3rd Convention on Maritime Law
The 1972 London Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter
Search and Rescue  
Bilateral Agreement between the United States and Mexico to Combat Pollution of the Sea
International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
Convention for the Safety of Human Life at Sea
The 1988 UN Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances  
The Mexican Navy has also participated in the permission-granting process for national and international institutions to carry out expeditions and scientific explorations in Mexican waters.

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