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Admiral Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza


Rank: Admiral, Secretary of the Navy
Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza
Place of Birth:           
Veracruz, Veracruz
Date of Birth:               
September 20, 1942

Date of Entrance into Active

Duty in the Mexican Navy:

January 22, 1959
Basic Studies:
Elementary School and Junior High-School
Professional Studies:
Heroic Naval Military School

A.- Subordinate Officer and Executive Officer on board several Surface Units of the Mexican Navy.

B.- Commanding Officer of the following Surface Units: Dragaminas-14, B.O.V. “Uribe”, “Álvarez”, “Galeana” and “Manzanillo”.
C.- Commandant of the Eighth, Twelfth, and Fourteenth Flotillas.
D.- Sub Chief of the Third Section and Chief of the Second Section of the General Staff.
E.- Chief of Staff of the First Naval Region, Third and Sixth Naval Zone and of the Gulf Naval Force.
F.- Adjoint Naval Attaché to the Mexican Navy in the United States of America.
G.- Director of Support and Control of the General Directorate of Naval Weapons.
H.- Commandant of the Gulf and Caribbean Sea Naval Force.
I.- Naval Attaché to the Mexican Navy in Great Britain. 
J.- Commandant of the next Naval Zones: NZ-3, NZ-5 and NZ-12. 
K.- Commandant of the Following Naval Regions: NR-1, NR-3 and NR-4.
L.- Commandant of the Pacific Naval Force. 
M.- General Sub Director of the Social Security Institute for the Mexican Armed Forces (ISSFAM, by its acronym in Spanish)
N.-    Current Secretary of the Navy 
A.-    Military Professor at the Heroic Naval Military School
B.-    Director of the Navy Training Center.
C.-    Lecturer, Dean of Academics, Sub Director and Director of the Center for Superior Naval Studies.
A.- Perseverance medal, Sixth to First Class, for having accomplished 10 to 35 years in Active Duty. 
B.- Exceptional Perseverance Medal, Third to Second Class, for having accomplished 40 to 45 year in Active Duty.
C.- “Order to Naval Merit” Decoration in the rank of Great Master granted by the Government of the Federal Republic of Brazil. 
A.- Naval Command, Staff, and Superior Command and National Security at the Center for Naval Superior Studies.
B.- Superior Continental Defense Course at the Inter-American Defense College, Washington, D.C. 
A.-    To Midshipman, January 1, 1964.
B.-    To Ensign, February 1, 1965.
C.-    To Lieutenant Junior Grade, November 20, 1968.
D.-    To Lieutenant, November 20, 1971.
E.-    To Lieutenant Commander, November 20, 1974.
F.-    To Commander, November 20, 1978.
G.-    To Captain, November 20, 1982.
H.-    To Rear Admiral, September 16, 1988.
I.-    To Vice Admiral, November 20, 1993.
J.-    To Admiral, November 20, 2000.
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